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All our products come from 45 years of experience addressing unsound hooves. We believe 95% of all hoof lameness is in the back third of the foot due to sole pressure and concussion.
Farriers, trainers, and owners everywhere face the same hoof lameness issues due to hard surfaces, thin hoof walls, collapsing heels, and sole pressure that keep horses from performing to their best ability. Also, most professionals in the equine industry will agree that most secondary lameness generally stems from tender front hooves.
Our padded horseshoes were made out of necessity to help solve these issues. They are the only pads on the market with a dual padding system. The red pad is firmer to help secure the shoe when nailed on. The black heel pads are 50% softer, allowing absorption of concussion. The Red & Black pads can be applied to any aluminum or steel shoe. This allows for steel shoes to be easily glued on. We believe nothing on the market compares to Red & Blacks.

Our goal is that Red & Black horseshoes, regardless of discipline, will absorb concussion so your horse doesn't have to.

Maintaining Soundness

St. Croix Padded Horseshoes

Victory Padded Horseshoes

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Thorobred Padded Horseshoes

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Hoof Repair Items

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The shoes we have listed are the shoes we regualarly keep stock of. Contact us and we will order and pad the shoes of your choice.

  • Camacho Farrier Services Inc.

    I learned about Red & Blacks by working with Ian a couple of years ago and we've been using their prodcuts since. I can assure you that they make a big difference on the horses! I usulaly glue them on but I occasionally use them with nails. It's amazing to see how they improve some horses by making them so much more comfortable.

    Red & Blacks always provides a great service, quick and easy to deal with and the price is right!

    We highly recommend using Red & Blacks to everyone!

  • Bob Hodges

    Simply, the Red & Blacks serve and perform for my equine athletes at the elite level we require and expect. Thank you for this fantastic cushion system.

  • Flavio Alvarez

    Red & Blacks have been helpful in my career as a farrier. They work very well when I deal with thin walls, crushed heels, flat soles, etc. These pads absorb a lot of concussion and also aid with calming down secondary lameness issues. It helps reduce inflammation in ankles and knees and also helps with soreness in tendons and suspensories. I've tried every other pad there is - nothing holds up or compares to Red & Black padded horseshoes.

  • Kirsten Johnson

    Owner of KESMARC - Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

    I have been involved with equine rehabilitation and injury of the horse for more than 30 years, the Red and Black shoe addresses so many of the problems we see today! Used on a regular basis I believe this shoe helps the foot to be more balanced and with a good farrier keeps the foot the best it can be.

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