Frequently Asked Questions

How are these pads different from other padding systems?

Red & Black's uniquely has a duel padding system. We truly believe we have the softest padding system on the market while maintaining durability. The red padding is firm so shoes can be nailed on and the black is soft to help absorb concussion.

Can I add borium to my shoes before padding?

Yes, shoes with borium can be padded. We ask you to add your borium to your shoes (so you can show how much you like) and ship your shoes to us. Once your shoes get to us we'll pad them and send them back. Just do not alter the original shape of your shoe. 

Can I pre-shape my shoe?

Unfortunately no, we use premade models to pad all horseshoes. Our process ensures that our padding system is durable and will hold up. You still have the option of cold shaping our padded shoes. 

How difficult are Red & Blacks to apply?

Great question! Red & Blacks padded horseshoes can be applied like any other padding system. You still maintain the option to nail or glue on your shoes.  If choosing the option of gluing, the only additional step needed is to scuff the rubber padded for best adhesion to hoof. 

Does Red & Blacks ship internationally? 

Yes, our website currently does not have the ability to ship internationally but we will personally sent it out at the best rate for shipping! Just give us a call and we'll get your order to you.